Apr 27, 2010

Classic Links

Tony Curtis has a blog! He has posted a lot of pics from the TCM festival. (I think it’s cute how attached he is to his cowboy hat) Thanks to Tom from Motion Picture Gems for the tip-- Tony Curtis: The Art of Hollywood

The TCM Classic Film Fest is returning in 2011— Cinematical

So much delightful pic spam this week! Here’s another nice gallery— It'll Take the Snap Out of Your Garters!

A review of The Mark of Zorro (1940) with Tyrone Power— Classic Movie Digest

Hmm, this Audrey Hepburn cartoon doesn’t look as charming as I would have expected. Something is a bit off about it.-- Comic Book Resources


  1. Audrey cartoons are kid of weird...I like the one by Christine Norrie.
    And that pic spam was awesome, loved that Cary Grant picture :)

  2. Yes--the Cary Grant picture stood out for me as well. So young and handsome! I'm surprised that AH doesn't translate better to 'toons. I would think that her large features would be perfect for that medium. I checked out Christine Norrie though; she does do a nice job. Thanks for the tip