Apr 28, 2010

Classic Links

Happy Birthday Ann-Margret!— All Good Things

A trailer for the version of Metropolis (1927) with newly-discovered footage-- Live For Films

A review of Cash (1933) Cinema OCD

An interview with Anjelica and Danny Huston at the screening of the Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) at the TCM festival. I think it’s touching that they both miss their father’s voice— Dear Old Hollywood Marilyn Monroe’s writings to be published in FragmentsAlt Film Guide

Look at all these Audrey Hepburn cartoons on Flickr! It's interesting to see the different ways she has inspired people-- Flickr (thank you to Clara of Via Marguta 51 for letting me know about Christine Norrie. A search for her art led me to the Audrey pics.)

I love this pic of Gary Cooper and Clara Bow— Vintage Images


  1. Hey KC, thanks for subscribing :) And you didn't have to mention me, I'm glad I could help you. The Flickr drawings and cartoons are great. Loved the Charade one by Terry Blas, and the sketch by David Mack.
    And how young Gary looks!

  2. Oh I love to share new names and blogs with everyone. It's fun! I'm impressed that you write a billingual blog. Spanish is the only other language I know at all, and I need a lot of practice. I need to spend more time on Flickr; there's interesting stuff on that site!