Apr 30, 2010

Classic Links

R.I.P. Dorothy Provine— LA Times

The poolside screening of Neptune’s Daughter (1949) at the TCM film fest-- What Makes Jeffy Run?

How many TV Batman villains can you name in eight minutes? (I cheated w/ my Batman post and I still only guessed 20)-- Mental Floss

This is a great clip of Robert Osborne getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (I think it’s way more impressive that he was friends with Bette Davis) I love the interview; he’s such a nice guy. And look at all the stars that came out to celebrate with him. Jane Powell looks great!-- Classic Film Addict

Fair use, and how to prevent wrongful YouTube take-downs-- Mental Floss


  1. I know where that star is, right in front of the Ricardo Montalbon Theater...I didn't realize it was the Lux Radio Theater. Wow. That is so cool.

  2. I can't get over how accessible and genuinely nice Osborne is. I loved the way he thanked the guy for the interview. He's so classy!

  3. KC, I love that you post links to such good stories and the classic birthdays. I try to keep up on the birthdays on my blog as much as possible too. Anyway I was wondering if you like to be a guest on my blog in October. The format is called Be My Guest and I will ask a series of questions about your favorite movies and such. And also you can post anything that catches your fancy. Let me know if you can do it, the months are filling up fast. Kori of Blonde Episodes is my guest this month, so check back on blog to see what's it gonna be like. Talk to ya later. And keep up the good work on your blog.

  4. Oh, I should included my email address: it's monty_hawes@yahoo.com.

  5. Sounds like a fun idea Monty. I'll be in touch!