May 11, 2010

Classic Links

David Thomson celebrates Lena Horne with straight talk— The Guardian

Glynis Johns in British movies-- Movietone News

RIP Adele Mara— Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

When Strangers Marry (1944)-- Where Danger Lives


  1. Although I am not that familiar with Glynis Johns, I always thought she was unique.

    I like her attitude about 'phases' in life.

  2. I always forget how much I like Glynis Johns. Then she'll pop up in a movie, I'll hear that voice, and wonder why I haven't searched out more of her stuff. I'd love to see "Miranda". I wish more people felt the way she does about the phases in life; it's miraculous that someone in such an age-conscious profession would feel that way.