May 12, 2010

Classic Links

Anjelica Huston and crew member April Allen tell amazing stories about the making of The African Queen (1951)— The Guardian

This is an interesting pic of Mary Pickford. It’s unusual to see her looking so serious; it strips away her childish image— Vintage Images

A new Robert Mitchum Tumblr blog from Raquelle of Out of the Past--Heck Yeah Robert Mitchum

Cass Timberlane (1947), with Lana Turner and Spencer Tracy-- Immortal Ephemera

Movie magazines and serialization— The Kitty Packard Pictorial


  1. Just read the article about The African Queen, very interesting.

  2. It's interesting that she named her page "Heck yeah..." instead of using a more offensive title, which is what I understand alot of other people (?) do. It disgusted me when I first found out that certain legendary stars had "F yeah" pages. Who started this stupid trend? If I were to guess, I would think some immature teenage "fan". I don't even go to that "Tumbler" site because of that. Most classic stars would be repulsed to know that "fans" have laced their pages with such profanity. I hope there is no "F Yeah Lena Horne"; she had too much class and dignity to deserve such juvenile nonsense.

  3. Clara--I've read so much about the production of that movie, even Hepburn's book, but that article was still fascinating to me. I always love hearing memories from crew members, because they tend to be more truthful than the actors!

    Tom--I agree, it isn't cute to use the profanity. It's disrespectful. Most of those stars are/were already horrified by the use of that kind of language in modern movies. But you know, Raquelle is classy like that! I rather like the word heck. . .

  4. Hey KC, just got to my reader after about a week and noticed you included my Cass Timberlane post, just wanted to say thanks!


  5. Cliff--it was a great post! I'd never heard of CT before. Turner and Tracy are an odd, but intriguing combo.