May 14, 2010

Classic Links

Lots of great cheesy stuff soon to make it to DVD—including Harlow, Once is Not Enough, Where Love Has Gone and Skidoo!-- Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

Have you seen Der Golem (1915)? I liked it, but I couldn’t stop wondering what the Golem’s voice would sound like if he could speak— David Bordwell

Two Marilyn Monroe biopics? Ech, can’t we just leave it alone?-- /Film

The Rear Window guide to properly spying on your neighbors— Via Margutta 51

A candid of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton is auctioned off. I’m always so curious about the people who buy this stuff.-- The Telegraph

Tony Curtis wants to work again. Somebody find this guy a part; I want to see what he can do!-- IMDB

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