May 27, 2010

Classic Links

Classic movie LAMBs (Large Association of Movie Blogs) now have their own chops! -- LAMB

Before there was A Star is Born, there was What Price Hollywood (1932)-- Self-Styled Siren

This is an excellent film noir viewing list-- Rupert Pupkin Speaks

See how Airplane! (1980) liberally borrowed from Zero Hour (1957)--/Film

An interview with Tony Curtis-- GQ


  1. Boy, you're not kidding about Airplane's "liberating" from Zero Hour! I saw Hour! for the first time last year and kept awkwardly supplying the Airplane! punchlines during the experience.

    Thanks for the link to the "Classic Chops" feature at the LAMB; as you probably are aware, I have a vested interest (even though I myself do not own a vest).

  2. Ivan--I've never really "gotten" the point of vests, so thank heaven you were not referring to the clothing variety. This Classic Chops thing has me intrigued. It may *actually* get me back to writing again! I feel like this will get us classic-types all more involved w/ the LAMB. I'll certainly be submitting links from the other classic Lambs.

    I didn't realize how much Zero Hour was like Airplane either. I'd just heard that it was an influence. Now I'm dying to see the full thing. It does seem like you often do not have to stray too far from an original drama to find pure comedy!