Jun 9, 2010

Classic Links

Over a hundred photos of celebrities at sea, including tons of classic stars. This is an amazing gallery.-- KansasCity.com

There’s lots of early Bette Davis flicks in the next round of Warner Archive releases— New York Post

It makes me sad to see a price put on a legend like John Wayne— The Hollywood Reporter

Peril in a plane: Jimmy Stewart, Glynis Johns and Jimmy Stewart in No Highway in the Sky (1951)-- Laura's Miscellaneous Musings

One Girl’s Confession (1953) and Joran van der Sloot Out of the Past


  1. KC

    Re: Celbrities at sea. My wife and I are lifelong Cunarders. Loved seeing these. Thank you. Gerald of Laszlo's

  2. Gerald--I thought you would enjoy the gallery, as I remembered your comment on the shipboard newsreel with Stanwyck, etc. I couldn't believe how many great shots they found. A real treasure.