Jun 15, 2010

Classic Links

Are these the ten funniest lines from classic movies? I say you are asking for trouble if you try to limit yourself to ten. (And no, I don't think these are the funniest, but some of them are pretty good.)-- USA Today

These pics of Bert Lahr in various costumes are hilarious! He was very cute as a lady-- And...Scene

I always thought Natalie Wood was at her best in This Property is Condemned (1966)-- Movie Morlocks/TCM

Some great classics on Criterion will soon be out of print— Hollywood Elsewhere


  1. KC

    Probably the funniest line of all is AFI saying these are the 10 Best Comedy Lines from Classic Movies. Thank you.

    Gerald of Laszlo's

    Postscript: And for some reason that I cannot remember I always loved Natalie the most in “Inside Daisy Clover.” Have not seen it in decades but will finally get the chance on TCM on June 28.

  2. Gerald--isn't that the truth? Sometimes I wonder who is in charge of making these lists at AFI. I wouldn't dare to pick the top ten comedy lines anyway.

    I was on the fence about "Inside Daisy Clover". It had its moments, but I was a little disappointed at the end.