Jun 16, 2010

Classic Links

Here’s a pic of Ann Blyth at a recent screening of Mildred Pierce (1945). Can you believe this woman is almost 82?-- Alt Film Guide

Who is the classic actress in this photo? I’m guessing Jeannette McDonald and I can see how it could be Virginia O’Brien, but I’m not sure. . .— Flying Down to Hollywood

Raquelle gives us a primer on classic movie distribution-- Out of the Past

This is an interesting post about Norman Kerry, but I have to admit that I immediately decided to link to it when I saw the crazy mustache pics-- Immortal Ephemera


  1. No way is Ann 82. She looks great. Unbelievable. Thanks for sharing KC.

  2. That picture of Ann is amazing! I had tried to get tickets to that screening but it was sold out. :(

    Thanks for the great link to the story!

    Best wishes,

  3. Oh Laura, that would have been amazing! I'm sorry you didn't get in.

    Seriously Monty, I want to know her secret. I mean, I know she's got a great wig, but she's also just glowing!