Jun 30, 2010

Classic Links

Can you imagine having Bette Davis as your houseguest for over a month? It happened to this woman in 1985, and there’s going to be a movie about it. Lots of great stories here— The Stamford Times

A great review of the British classic The Wicked Lady (1945)— Classic Movies Digest

Who’s who in Hollywood, April 24, 1932— Hollywood Heyday

A lovely tribute to Sammy Davis Jr.-- Movietone Cameos


  1. Oh, how unfair! I wish she could have stayed at my house (not that I was even born in 1985...)!

    "There, on my doorstep, was Bette Davis with a pot of baked beans in one hand and a cigarette in the other," said Fuller. "It was the most terrifying night of my life."

    Hahaha, I can just picture it!

    "...she misquoted Davis's films, been glared at by the actress and seen a cigarette smashed into the remains of her blueberry pie."

    hahahaha, poor lady!

    Thanks for sharing that link! (:

  2. Sophie--yeah, the imagery in that article was cracking me up. I could picture it too! I can't believe I hadn't heard the story before. Glad you liked it.