Jul 12, 2010

Changes: Classic Links, Clips

Due to a heavier work load and a general need to carve out more time in my schedule, I’ve decided to shake things up a bit here at Classic Movies.

I’ve been posting Classic Links every weekday for over a year now, and I’ve adored doing it. I have also had a lot of fun posting for Monday Serenade, TV Tuesday and Saturday Cartoons and Newsreels. However, all this rooting around the web has severely cut into my writing time—something I never intended to happen. I started this blog to write about the movies--everything else was supposed to be frosting. Well, the frosting took over.

As I am too hooked on web scavenging to give it up entirely, I’ll still be posting favorite clips and links, just on a lighter schedule. At least for the near future, I’ll still post links Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’ll post great clips in a more random fashion—as I find things that strike my fancy.

I’m excited to try something new! This is going to be fun.

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  1. well this is my first time here and do I love your blog!!!
    It's great and the picture you posted is sooo cute =)
    I'll be around =)

  2. Thank you and welcome Rena!