Jul 14, 2010

Classic Links

Check out this comparison between the 1932 and 1941 versions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-- Lolita's Classics

A fascinating history of Fantsamagorie (1908), the first fully animated movie— Film: Ab Initio

Champagne for Caesar (1950) sounds like a lot of fun-- Classic Film and TV Cafe

A tribute to Buster Keaton as director-- Cinematical

Marilyn Monroe’s bungalow is being sold for over $3 million— IMDB

A tribute to Skippy (1930)— Edward Copeland on Film

Classic links from the LAMB-- LAMB


  1. Hey KC,

    Many thanks for linking my review of Fantasmagorie. I am really glad that you found the film's history interesting. The forgotten decade of 1904-13 has some real gems, and thanks to links such as yours, early silent films get broader coverage.

    On a wider note, thanks for regularly linking the most interesting classic movie articles on the web. Your site is now my go to place for classic film!

  2. Thanks for the praise AA. I have a lot of fun putting up the links and it makes me so happy that people enjoy them. I love Fantasmagorie--I think I even posted it a few months back, so I really enjoyed your post. Very well researched.