Jul 19, 2010

Classic Links

Early Chaplin short discovered in antique sale— Cinematical

This is a great profile of Jean Harlow (part one of I don’t know how many) There’s lots of tidbits that raise it above a typical biography— A Mythical Monkey Writes About the Movies

An interesting bio of Hedda Hopper as actress. I never realized how many movies she made.— Allure

Movie locations: the many screen appearances of Long Beach airport— Another Old Movie Blog

RIP Raymond Roe, the Broadway child star who appeared in a handful of Hollywood flicks— IMDB


  1. Raymond Roe? I don't know the name, but I might know his face...RIP.

  2. I'd never heard of him, but I thought it was nice that the IMDB/WENN remembered him. There have been so many classic actors I admired who hardly rated a media mention at all when they passed. I thought there must be someone out there who remembers him fondly!

    Now I'm curious to see what this guy looks like. I've seen a lot of his movies, so it's possible I would recognize him--even in a bit part.