Jul 23, 2010

Classic Links

Two reviews in one day of one of the best Deanna Durbin flicks—Because of Him (1946). She was better with Charles Laughton than she ever was with one of her supposed romantic partners--
Noodle in a Haystack
The Amazing Deanna Durbin

This is a great argument for Caged (1950) as a classic, not camp movie. The title does sound campy—and women in prison flicks don’t tend to be taken seriously, but this truly is a classic—and Eleanor Parker convincingly takes her character through a dramatic change— Film Noir Foundation( via The Night Editor)

I’ve never seen this pic of James Dean with a pig. How random-- If Charlie Parker Were a Gunslinger. . .

This is a great interview with Robert Osborne. I can’t get over how well he expresses himself-- Viv and Larry

Elizabeth Taylor insists that a movie will not be made of her life while she is still alive. I don’t think they could make a movie that is nearly interesting as her real life anyway.-- IMDB


  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog and I just wanted to leave a comment and say that picture of James Dean and the pig is crazy! That pig REALLY is large! I haven't seen many James Dean movies, I've only seen Giant. The Elizabeth Taylor tidbit is interesting. I'm not sure who could portray her well, IMO.


  2. Hello Rachel and welcome--I don't think anyone could play Elizabeth Taylor. There aren't any truly bawdy beauties like that around anymore.