Jul 26, 2010

Classic Links

I love these silhouette cards for the TCM Summer Under the Stars promotion— TCM

Orson Welles filmed a pilot for a talk show in 1979. Can you imagine what he would have done with that format if the show had been picked up? (judging from the first clip, you would have seen a LOT of the audience—and you might have puked from the swooping camera shots)—
The Intro, An interesting interview with Burt Reynolds, The Muppets
(via About.com)

I like the observations and variety of sources cited in this review of the Ophuls flick The Earrings of Madame de. . . (1953) (now available on Netflix instant play)-- Motion Picture Gems

Audrey Hepburn is so charming in this pic from the 1956 set of Funny Face.— The Guardian

Oh Gary Cooper—you were one gorgeous man. This is an amazing gallery— Via Margutta 51

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