Aug 18, 2010

Classic Links

Ann Rutherford is beautifully frank in this recent interview. There’s lots of talk about Gone With the Wind (1939)—but she has other interesting stories as well.-- LA Times

A stage reenactment of the Bette Davis/Dick Cavett interview. I would have love to have seen this-- Edinburgh Festival

Madame Sylvia—the woman who started celebrity fitness. The menus she made for her star clients both fascinate and amuse me.-- The Express

The Criterion Collection release of Night of the Hunter (1955) looks amazing: outtakes, a live reenactment of a scene from the movie on the Ed Sullivan Show and loads of interviews-- ClassicFlix

How could I have neglected to mention Maureen O’Hara’s birthday yesterday? Bad me! I will try to make amends by posting a link to this marvelous tribute from yesterday. Lots of great anecdotes here.-- The Sheila Variations

It turns out Angelina Jolie and George Clooney won’t be costarring in that Marilyn Monroe movie. I feel silly for believing that one-- IMDB

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