Aug 20, 2010

Classic Links

David Thomson writes about Alain Delon—sigh— The Guardian

The birth of the Rat Pack— Slate

Rosalind Russell’s flooded hometown premiere— Another Old Movie Blog

Ernest Borgnine to be honored by Screen Actors Guild— IMDB


  1. KC

    Somehow I missed the Thomson piece in The Guardian so your reminder helped. As you have indicated in early postings The Guardian does film coverage very well. Alain Delon is a favorite and Le Samourai is in my top ten if not my top five. Best. Gerald

  2. Gerald--I can't think of another paper that does so well with their film coverage. I find articles that delight me all the time. Delon is a favorite of mine as well; I've been watching a lot of his flicks lately. No question, Le Samourai is my favorite of his movies. It's also has one of my favorite scores.