Aug 23, 2010

Classic Links

This is a fascinating essay about the Marx Bros. I love all the pics of them from their early days. It’s easier to see the family resemblance with the wig, mustache and other crazy accessories— A Mythical Monkey Writes About the Movies

I know a lot of you will be excited to check out this new book about Dana Andrews— TCM

The story of Spencer Tracy’s arrival in Hollywood— Dear Hollywood

A new Richard Lester archive has been donated to the BFI—oooh— The Guardian

In praise of Boris Karloff, the horror actor with class— Cinematcial

Princess Nicotine (1909)—a great early special effects flick— Film Ab Intitio


  1. Hey KC - Thanks a lot for posting a link to my piece on Princess Nicotine!

    1909 is film's first vintage year, with some sterling efforts from across the film world. Among other things Louis Feuillade and D.W. Griffith make their first great films...

    I will be posting a lot more regularly over the next month as well, and will have completed film's first decade quite soon.

    Thanks again for providing us with your extremely helpful classic links, where would we be without you?!

  2. You are very kind A Anand--thank you. Princess Nicotine has a bit of an edge doesn't it? I wasn't certain of what happened in the end, but it didn't look good for the nicotine fairy. Congrats on almost completing a decade of film posts!

  3. KC - You are right to identify the film as having an edge, particularly with the dark ending of the film. Given what we will learn about tobacco over the coming century, the film's ending feels eerily prophetic...

    Many thanks for the congrats in regards to completing film's first full decade. I will putting together a list of my Top Ten films of this particular decade quite soon!