Aug 30, 2010

Classic Links

This is nice: Joan Fontaine funds the refurbishment of a garden dedicated to her actress mother Lilian-- Mercury News

A film collector thinks he is buying reels of classic films like Grand Hotel (1932). Nope, they were porn flicks—from the same period-- Movie Morlocks/TCM

A full gallery of the silhouette posters from TCM’s Summer Under the Stars-- Michael Schwab

Wow—Diana Dors had a slick car—

Speaking of Ms. Dors—have you seen this fabulous week-long tribute?-- She Blogged By Night

The top ten films of the 1900’s—an interesting list with clips— Film Ab Initio

Here’s another recent chat with Kim Novak. I love how she always varies her stories in interviews. SF Gate


  1. This is great news about the Lilian Fontaine garden. Thanks for posting this, KC.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the link Tom. I was touched by Fontaine's devotion to her mother.

  3. KC: “The San Francisco Earthquake 1906 - Before and After Journey Down Market Street” was hypnotic. Particularly the before. All those people going about their lives captured at a moment in time. It brought to mind, somehow, a scene early in “Wings of Desire” where the angel is on subway train, hearing the thoughts and concerns of his fellow passengers. Best. Gerald

  4. It's funny you should mention Wings of Desire Gerald, because I just put that in my Instant Watch queue. I haven't seen it for several years, and I was trying to remember why I liked it so much. What an interesting connection you made between that seen and the 1906 film.

    On another note--I thought you might like this link:

    Lots of vintage pictures of ocean liners. Perfect for a devoted Cunarder like yourself!

  5. KC: Thank you for the Cunard related link. You keep posting so many interesting videos that my backlog is increasing exponentially. Best Gerald