Sep 3, 2010

Classic Links

RIP child actress Cammie King, who played Rhett and Scarlett’s daughter in Gone With the Wind (1939)-- Alt Film Guide

When I saw this gallery of stars in summer dresses, I immediately thought “ah, how refreshing.” Lovely, effortless glamour— All Good Things

More guest posts from Silents and Talkies:
Cliff of writes about Warren William
In case you missed it yesterday—my post about Ida Lupino

The complete list of links from the John Huston blog-a-thon (I’m sorry I never got around to writing about Tentacles (1977) for this—I’m not kidding)— Icebox Movies

Elena and Her Men (1956)—Ingrid Bergman gets to have a little fun-- Criterion Reflections

A review of the Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton bio Furious Love. I don’t know if I’m going to bother with this one— TCM


  1. Tentacles? I think I remember reading that reviews will still be accepted after the blogathon. PS very nice essay on Ida Lupino.

  2. Tentacles was *horrible* Tom, and even a little boring, but I just have a thing for movies that are so bad they're fascinating (I don't even know how many times I've seen "The Room" by now). I actually watched it twice in one week. You can't beat John Huston in a long, white nightgown and a seemingly drunk and improvising Shelley Winters--love them.

    I'm glad you liked the Ida essay--thanks!