Sep 13, 2010

Classic Links

RIP Kevin McCarthy—
Edward Copeland on Film
A Shroud of Thoughts

RIP Claude Chabrol— The Guardian

I love this Chabrol gallery. It shows how lively and hardworking he was right up to the end of his life— The Guardian

Here’s a 1970 interview Roger Ebert had with Chabrol— Roger Ebert

A documentary filmmaker has found five hours of personal Leslie Howard film footage— The Guardian

Peter Bogdanovich has started a classic movie blog. It has the best blog name ever-- Blogdanovich

A chance to ask Joan Crawford’s grandson a few questions— Skeins of Thought


  1. KC: Great work on the Chabrol links. I have been out of touch for a few weeks and your links were a good introduction to what I have missed. For some reason, last year I revisited most of the Chabrols on Netflix. And the gallery that you cited is wonderful. Stunning women and great actresses: especially Stephane Audran and Isabelle Huppert. Also, alas, but expected, the death of Kevin McCarthy. In my time our science fiction / fantasy / occult tastes were set by Richard Matheson and Jack Finney. And we waited for the filmed version of “Body Snatchers” and were not disappointed. Thanks. Gerald.

  2. I have not seen nearly enough Chabrols--and the man I saw in that gallery motivated me to queue up some titles. How wonderful to be active and love your work your entire life!