Sep 30, 2010

Classic Links

RIP Tony Curtis

It was great to see Tony Curtis living out his final years. He was the friendly artist--often in a white sweater, shorts and a cowboy hat--active, content and open to the many questions of his fans. I think I will remember him as much for those graceful years as I will for his Hollywood heyday. I found lots of great links paying tribute to this fascinating man:

IMDB obituary— IMDB

Some tributes from friends and family— The Guardian

Another nice tribute-- The Sheila Variations

This is a great gallery of Curtis pics— The Kitty Packard Pictorial

Here’s an almost amusingly diverse collection of clips from Curtis’ career-- The Guardian

Tony Curtis of the underpass!-- Flickr (via Dlisted)

Tony had a great blog in his later years— Motion Picture Gems

And then of course there’s the TCM marathon. The schedule is at the end of this lovely tribute-- Movie Morlocks/TCM


Another passing, Academy Award-nominated Joe Mantell, 94— IMDB

Kim Novak is going to do a three-part interview on TCM— TCM Image Source