Oct 30, 2010

Saturday Morning Cartoon: The Tell-Tale Heart (1953)

This deliciously creepy 'toon is definitely not for the kids. James Mason flawlessly narrates a surreal animated version of the classic Poe tale. Mason had such a talent for creating crazed, but strangely sympathetic villains. His tone fits the bleak, mysterious animation perfectly.

The flick has an interesting history. Apparently, it was originally meant to be made in 3-D, though there is no evidence that it was ever exhibited in that format. It was also the first cartoon to receive a British X-rating. Though it was nominated for an Academy Award, the 'toon lost out to a Disney short. In 2001, it was selected for the National Film Registry as a historically significant film.


  1. This was wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this, I had never seen nor heard of it. Puts me in the perfect mood for Halloween & makes me want to spend all All Hallows' Eve Eve cozied up & reading Poe.

  2. I agree, this truly got me in the mood for Halloween. The combination of James Mason and that creepy animation is fantastic. I'm glad you enjoyed it.