Nov 1, 2010

Classic Links

Was anyone a classic movie star or character for Halloween? I just realized last night that I’ve never done that for a costume. I’ll have to think of something for next year.

Lizzie (1957), with the underrated Eleanor Parker and the always-welcome Joan Blondell— And Then I Watched

This is a great tribute to the versatile Vincent Price— Silents and Talkies

Kate Gabrielle has set up a gorgeous new site with huge, high quality scans of classic movie star pics. She welcomes submissions.— Classic Film Scans

Bogdanovich writes about Psycho (1960) and the traumatic experience of being in the audience for the first press/audience screening— Blogdanovich

Peter Pan (1924), with the perfectly-suited Betty Bronson and a much too brief appearance by Anna Mae Wong as Princess Tiger Lily— Silent Volume


  1. I went (appropriately) as Louise Brooks in Pandora's Box for Halloween, and was told it was very successful (albeit by friends who had never seen the movie).

    And wow, Anna Mae Wong in Peter Pan? That's something I want to see!

  2. Yes--that is a perfect costume for you. You just need to check your blog banner for inspiration! It would be fun to be Lulu.

    Well, Anna Mae just makes a tiny appearance. She mostly just looks cool in her costume. She always looks cool though.