Nov 8, 2010

Classic Links

If you didn’t catch this over the weekend, Doris Day recently gave a rare interview. I first saw this on Java’s Journey—Raquelle at Out of the Past also posted about it. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet!--
Java's Journey
Out of the Past

The first film version of Frankenstein (1910)-- Film Ab Initio

I like these reviews of strangler pictures. I didn’t realize how many there were!— Lazslos on Lex

These shots of the locations from Union Station (1950) are great because the station looks so much like it did 60 years ago. What a gorgeous building-- Dear Old Hollywood

How classics transfer to Blu-Ray-- New York Times (Via The Night Editor)

Thank you to Raquelle for letting us media-reviewing bloggers know about the FTC rules about disclosure of review copies received. This ruling bugs me. I don’t make endorsements; I write reviews—and getting a book—or more often a PDF of a book isn’t going to sway my opinion any more than that of a professional reviewer. I don’t want you all to spend money on something that isn’t good—so I stay on the up and up! But disclose I will.-- Out of the Past


  1. I love Doris Day. I just listened to a small bit, but she sounds fabulous.

    Thanks for the link, KC.

  2. I'm so glad other bloggers found this one. For some reason it wasn't on my radar. I still need to listen!

  3. I'm late in finding this one. Thanks alot, KC, for mentioning my post.

    -- Java