Dec 1, 2010

Classic Links

This tribute by David Zucker is the most touching piece I’ve seen about the passing of Leslie Nielsen. It kind of choked me up. They had a delightful personal and professional relationship-- /Film

Leslie Neilsen talks about Forbidden Planet (1956)— Leonard Maltin's Movie Crazy

Here’s an interesting idea: Roman Holiday—the video game. Classic movies as video games. That opens up a world of interesting possibilities. What would you want to play?— Via Margutta 51

RIP Italian director Mario Monicelli-- The Guardian

I love the thought of Burt Lancaster and James Earl Jones working on early Sesame Street episodes!-- IMDB

Ann Savage’s ferocious performance in Detour (1945)- The Sheila Variations

Part five of an amazing series of lists: interesting flicks on Netflix instant play. I will never have time to watch all the titles I’ve culled from these lists, but it is lovely to know I can watch them at the press of a button-- Rupert Pupkin Speaks

Ida Lupino in the underrated Private Hell 36 (1954)— Discovering Ida


  1. Thank you KC for the tip on the Netflix download lists. I checked the site, followed and thanked the Poster. Best. Gerald.

  2. I'm glad you liked the link Gerald. I've been having a great time with that series. I hope you find a lot of wonderful titles!