Dec 29, 2010

Classic Links

The 2010 picks for the National Film Registry were announced yesterday. I’m particularly thrilled to see The Pink Panther (1964), A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945) and Make Way For Tomorrow (1937) on the list-- CNN Blog

A wonderful review of The Ladykillers (1955) that rightfully focuses on the lady— Ferdy on Films

Robert Osborne reminisces about the dearly departed of 2010— Zap2it

Classic movie stars share their childhood memories of the movies—Java's Journey

Gwynth Paltrow is rumored to be playing Marlene Dietrich in a two-part television movie. I can’t picture how this could work. Dietrich is inimitable, though I’ve seen a couple of drag queens come close; they seem to understand the value of camp in her persona— Collider


  1. That's a stellar LadyKillers review that Marilyn writes. Thanks. I didn't think of it until you mentioned that reviews for this movie often do not play up the lady as much as they do Guinness' character.

    And thank your for mentioning my blog, KC.

    - Java

  2. It's funny Java--I haven't seen the Lady Killers for years, and the little old lady is just about the only part I remember well.

    Your post made me want to go dig around in my movie book library. I haven't looked at it for a while!