Feb 9, 2011

Classic Links

Yay—a new Jean Harlow book is coming out! It's by Darrell Rooney and the author of two of my favorite books about classic Hollywood, Mark Vieira. Here's an interview with the authors-- The Kitty Packard Pictoral

I know Bette Davis hated the way she was glamorized for Fashions of 1934 (1934), but I thought she was a dish in this amusing and lighthearted flick— She Blogged By Night

Employees’ Entrance (1933): one of the best pre-codes and my favorite Warren William performance. He is quite the cad in this one-- Immortal Ephemera

 I agree with Kate, Audrey Hepburn’s best wardrobe was for How To Steal A Million (1966), especially the black lace cocktail dress with the mask— Scathingly Brilliant

This is a striking pic of Audrey Hepburn. She looks lovely and melancholy-- Film Noir Photos

Hahaha---a wicked witch of the east doorstop!-- Cinematical

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