Feb 14, 2011

Classic Links

R.I.P. Betty Garrett, 91. I know it wasn't her most celebrated role, but I thought she was at her most charming in Neptune's Daughter (1949) with Esther Williams-- NPR

The film noir blogathon starts today!-- Cinema Styles

This is a nice look back at Julie Christie and Dirk Bogarde in Darling (1965)-- The Guardian

I love this essay about my favorite Orson Welles flick, A Touch of Evil (1958)-- Movie Morlocks/TCM

There’s an interesting clip at the bottom of this post about the origins of IMDB-- /Film


  1. I agree, Betty Garrett is wonderful in NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER. :) What a great lady!

    Best wishes,

  2. Oh good Laura--a fellow fan. I loved the "Baby, It's Cold Outside" scene with Red Skelton the most. She cracked me up!