Feb 18, 2011

Classic Links

Check out the latest contributions to the For the Love of Film (Noir) blog-a-thon— Self-Styled Siren

Debbie Reynolds decides to sell her magnificent collection of movie costumes. I’ll bet that was a good investment-- IMDB

Cary Grant’s Palm Springs estate is on the market for only $3 million. Deal!-- Popeater

There were twelve hours of audio from the Truffaut/Hitchcock interviews online until the files stopped downloading. It looks like you still can’t get access, but I’m putting this link up just in case something changes— /Film

More about the Criterion Collection’s big deal with Hulu-- Criterion Cast

I thought this was amusing: two bloggers posted thoughtful reviews of Errol Flynn’s autobiography My Wicked, Wicked Ways the same day. It was interesting to compare the reviews—

Via Margutta 51
Movietone News

Check out some early episodes of Ebert and Siskel online. That is some mustache Mr. Siskel-- /Film

The Nazis dabbled in 3D?-- The Guardian


  1. LOL, what a coincidence!! The same book, the same day! Thanks for the link to my post. Oh, Matthew's entry was great, really insightful.

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  3. Oh no! I suppose this auction and her weary tone in the article mean that Debbie Reynolds will not open her Classic Hollywood museum. Its opening has been postponed time and again due to financial constraints.

    Thanks for the notice.

    - Java

  4. Thanks for the link to the two Errol reviews. I read Clara's but didn't know about Matthew's. Heading over to check it out now.

    Java Bean Rush: I greeted the news of the auction with the same reaction. It makes me sad to know that all that great history isn't going to be preserved in one place...

  5. Clara--I thought it was funny how the reviews had two different points of view, but both gave me the same impression of the book. It sounds well worth a read. I've got a copy, and I'm about 20 pages in, but the tiny print is killing me!

    Java--I have to admit I never thought that museum would get off the ground. She just never seemed to be getting the right support. I'm at least happy that she has the means to support herself.

    Audrey--I hope you do check out Matthew's review. They were both so good. That's sort of why I posted both of them!

  6. Honestly, I'm thrilled that Ms. Reynolds is selling her collection. Good for her! She's worked hard all her life, and I'm glad she can take it easy now. I am sorry the museum won't be opening, but, like you, KC, I never really thought it would come off anyway. Yay for Debbie!

  7. KC: For more than a year now I have listened to the Hitchcock/Truffaut tapes on the “If Charlie Parker was a Gunslinger” site (20 some hours). Listened in full at least twice and usually revisited the applicable section whenever I watched a Hitchcock film. Tried again after reading your post. To no avail. Alas. Best. Will check from time to time. Gerald

  8. Amanda--Yes, preserving all that history together would have been wonderful, but the movies are the most important thing. And it is great that Ms. Reynolds is able to take care of herself. She does deserve it!

    Gerald--I didn't know they were available on Charlie Parker. Darn, I'm so cuious now. I feel like I'll get an opportunity again sometime. Thanks for letting me know.