Feb 23, 2011

Classic Links

The final tally for the film noir blogathon and a thank you from Eddie Muller of the Film Noir Foundation--
Ferdy on Films
Self-Styled Siren

Laura provides a helpful classic movie fan’s perspective on the titles available on the new Amazon streaming service-- Laura's Miscellaneous Musings

Groucho Marx makes comedy out of tangling with Warner Bros-- Cinematical

It looks like there’s a possibility of a three-DVD set with several versions of Orson Welles’ Othello being released-- Wellesnet


  1. Thanks for the link, KC! Glad you found my post of interest.

    A postscript, my son was happy to find Hitchcock's I CONFESS on Amazon streaming. It's not on Netflix streaming.

    Best wishes,

  2. I appreciate you taking care of the research on that one for me Laura--hehe! Now that there's this and the Criterion Collection on Hulu, I've got to decide if I have room for another streaming service. They both sound good to me, but Netflix is keeping me happy for now. If Classicflix started streaming, I'm sure I'd fall over in a faint! Can you imagine?