Mar 4, 2011

Classic Links

Have you been participating in Monty’s classic movie actress March Madness? Good fun!— All Good Things

Check out the Jean Harlow blogathon.-- The Kitty Packard Pictorial

Claudette Colbert shimmies in Cleopatra (1934) Ferdy On Films

If you haven’t seen Stars in My Crown (1950), here are several good reasons why you should. It’s a great flick with an amazing cast-- Happy Thoughts Darling

Mickey Rooney is not only alleging elder abuse, but that his stepson sold his Oscar-- IMDB

There’s almost more charisma in this photo than I can stand-- Bette's Classic Movie Blog


  1. Thanks for the mention! "Stars in My Crown" is a wonderful movie. :)


  2. Thank you for the review MC. You captured a lot of what I liked about Stars in My Crown I hope a lot more people discover this amazing flick.