Mar 11, 2011

Classic Links

Ben Hecht’s newly re-discovered and supposedly much better, dramatic 1964 version of a script for Casino Royale (1966)--a crappy movie that I can’t help watching over and over again-- /Film

Leonard Maltin visits Jean Harlow’s former home-- Movie Crazy

36 simultaneous Hitchcock death scenes—fascinating, overwhelming and headache-inducing-- /Film

I have never heard of photographer Ruth Harriet Louise. These photos of classic stars are so amazing that I can’t believe I haven’t-- Movie Morlocks/TCM

Living in a Big Way (1947) with Gene Kelly-- All Good Things

Tony Curtis reportedly disinherits his children in his will—

Roger Ebert on movie streaming— Roger Ebert


  1. Thanks for the TCM link to the photos of Ruth Harriet Louise. I was thinking the other day how when you Google a movie star from the Golden Age, you get photos like these, and when you Google a current performer, you get an endless supply of generic, artless red carpet photos. You know the pose -- hand on hip, one leg forward, big plastic smile. Only the dresses change. You might as well take a picture of a mannequin.

    I wonder if an advanced search that eliminates the words "red carpet" would help ...

    Sorry, I'm just thinking out loud.

  2. Ha--if you took out red carpet shots, you probably wouldn't get much but some scrubby paparazzi pics. Now I'm curious to learn more about Ruth Harriet Louise. It was exciting to learn about this new talent out of the blue! It made me realize I was only aware of two old Hollywood photographers: Hurrell and CS Bull (I think I got that second one right. . .).

  3. KC,
    I loved that write up Maltin did on Harlow's Hollywood home but the fun part was a link a commenter left of a wonderful site called Hooked on Houses! I spent a couple of hours there last night reading the articles. It's photos and wonderful info on homes used in movies then celebrities homes. (Quite a few on classic stars) Anyway heres the link if you haven't seen it.

  4. Thanks for the link Page. Holy cow, I can see why you spent so much time on the site!

  5. KC,

    Thanks for the link. You're the best. I didn't even realize you did that of my recent post on Living in a Big Way. That movie was a pleasant surprise and Marie McDonald is a hidden gem.

  6. Monty--the discovery of Marie McDonald is one of the things that appealed to me in the interview. I'd never heard of her, and now I'm curious.