Mar 23, 2011

Classic Links

Kate’s tribute to Hayley Mills’ perfect wardrobe in The Moon-Spinners(1964). It’s also a darn good flick and the final film of Pola Negri-- Scathingly Brilliant

I love how much this post says about the relationship between Truffaut and Fanny Ardant with only one quote and a small gallery of pictures-- Moon in the Gutter

Here’s a lively group of pre-code reviews-- Acidemic

How about a 1929 double feature?
Wolf Song-- Silent Volume
The Black Watch-- Classic Film Freak

I just wish they wouldn’t with the Thin Man remake. I’m not against telling a good story again—for example, the new Mildred Pierce sounds wonderful—but I don’t think this story needs to be told again. It belongs in the thirties--/Film


  1. Like Pollyanna, I found the bright side of the "Thin Man" remake: it's going to be a pale imitation (of course) so new people is going to be interested in the original one = new fans of the one and only "The Thin Man". Besides every story printed about it will mention the names of William Powell and Myrna Loy :)

  2. I hope that you are right Clara! It is lovely to look at the bright side.