Mar 28, 2011

Classic Links

Wait Until Dark (1967) stop motion. The set is amazing!-- Via Margutta 51

A lovely tribute to Luise Rainer-- My Love of Old Hollywood

Harold Lloyd in Movie Crazy (1931), I love the big slapstick finale of this one, but Tom is right, the party scene is hilarious as well-- Motion Picture Gems

More about the Mickey Rooney conservatorship issue-- IMDB

A few more details about the Taylor funeral service-- IMDB


  1. Because of Alan Arkin's creepiness in that movie, I just could not watch him in anything else for a long time. It took me years to realize, that is what great acting is all about. One of my favorite movies.

    Thanks for the link. That was cute. : )

  2. I felt the same way thingy. That slippery smooth voice of his really got to me. Now it's the thing I love most about him. I'm glad was able to distance myself from that performance and get over being creeped out about him, because he's one of my favorites now. Didn't that clip make you want to break out the clay and give it a try?