Apr 12, 2011

Classic Links

This movie review chain I did a long time ago has been revived. It was a lot of fun, so some of you bloggers out there might want to check it out!--
This is the original post: Movie Viewing Girl
Here’s the most recent review: Rock Hudson Blog

I like this essay because while it emphasizes that the movies have always been a business, it also highlights many of the people who still managed to create lasting, meaningful work in the early days of the medium-- A Mythical Monkey Writes About the Movies

A little history about the MGM lion-- The Silver Screen Affair

Rope of Sand (1949), with Burt Lancaster, looks interesting—they call it a Casablanca-esque flick here. It’ll be on DVD soon, but I think it’s on Instant Play now-- Movie Morlocks/TCM

Dang—Shirley MacClaine was quite the swinger— IMDB


  1. Did you see Shirley on Oprah's show the other night?

  2. No--I've got to check it out. Was it good? I love Shirley McClaine!

  3. There are some clips on the Oprah site. I enjoyed seeing her home in New Mexico; she gives a tour of all her rooms and there are some amazing views.

  4. Thanks for the tip Tom. I enjoyed the clips. It's wonderful how MacLaine has always been so unapologetically her own person. It helps that she is also so articulate and wise.

    Here's one of the Oprah clips for anyone who is interested: