Apr 27, 2011

Guest Classic Links: Cliff of Immortal Ephemera

Cliff is a devoted classic movie fan and collectibles vendor. His stock is movie history and he seems to love every piece he finds. Cliff is also a fine blogger with a great knack for reviewing books and movies and digging up interesting new topics. He writes at Immortal Ephemera and his fantastic Warren William tribute site. Thanks for being a guest linker Cliff!


I love history and deal in a lot of ephemera so I try to use as many original newspaper and magazine articles as I can in researching my articles. There's never been more available and so my favorite post so far in 2011 has been Discovering Newspapers at The Bioscope. Not only are a few named that I thought were my own personal pets (Trove and Old Fulton NY Post Cards being two favorites!) but several others are pointed to that I wasn't even aware of!

Discovering Newspapers (Trove, Old Fulton NY Post Cards)

I've been running a Warren William fan site online since 2007 now, but John Stangeland literally wrote the book on William, Magnificent Scoundrel of Pre-Code Hollywood. Stangeland set up a site in conjunction with his book's publication late last year and while his post, Why We Remember, is from late 2010, I love how it explains not only his original acquaintance with William's films but gives a personal portrait of a friend he shared this passion with.

Why We Remember (Magnificent Scoundrel, the book, on Amazon )

I did a post on Immortal Ephemera last year pointing to The Rob Brooks Mary Pickford Collection and I believe this online museum deserves another mention. Rob is a past customer and I'm honored to have sold him a few of the items that wound up in his massive collection which is not only online, but physical, and currently on tour.

Rob Brooks Mary Pickford Collection

And I think Rob's Pickford collection nicely carries us to a few links I'd like to share for the collectors. Two of my favorite blogs that talk about classic movies and collectibles are both somewhat new, but very busy! First there's Rob Byrne's Starts Thursday! which focuses on glass lantern slides typically inside posts reviewing the silent films pictured on the slides. Also, My Love of Old Hollywood is where Page shows off her autograph collection inside her classic movie reviews. Both are, to the best of my knowledge, non-commercial sites.

Starts Thursday!
My Love of Old Hollywood

And for the more hard core collector, no movie reviews to be found on either of these but I want to make sure you see them, we have The Ross Verlag Movie Star Postcards site. This one checklists and shows off the German issued movie star postcards which were issued over a number of decades. Finally, another site I'd recently linked to myself, David Rudd Cycleback's Judging the Authenticity of Photographs, is a must for anyone who dares to tread the sometime murky waters of "vintage" still collecting.

Ross Verlag Movie Star Postcards
Judging the Authenticity of Photographs (PDF)


  1. Thanks for guest posting Cliff. I love the way you have drawn all of these links together. It almost reads like a story! I've got to set aside some time to dig into those newspaper archives.

  2. Cliff,
    I just saw your post. These are fantastic links and ones I've had to add to my daily reads!
    Thanks for the nice words and mention of my site as well.