Apr 26, 2011

Guest Classic Links: Dawn of Noir and Chick Flicks

Dawn is a prolific blogger who covers an astonishing amount of interesting content at Noir and Chick Flicks every week. I love her actress tributes and her generosity in inviting others to contribute to her blog. She also has an uncanny eye for finding photos of modern actors who look eerily similar to stars of the past. Dawn has gobs of other blogs, including tributes to Gene Tierney, Doris Day, Esther Williams, Betty Grable, Dolores del Rio, period films, westerns, musicals and classics set in Africa.Thanks for being a guest linker Dawn!

Page from My Love of Old Hollywood is a huge fan of classic movie stars with their favorite puppies. She added some wonderful photos of some of her favorite actors with their furry friends-- My Love of Old Hollywood

Mythical Monkey wrote a wonderful series on Silent Film Oscars, beginning with director D.W. Griffith-- A Mythical Monkey Writes About the Movies

You Only Live Twice, is the latest James Bond post written by Sark, one of the contributors on, Classic Film and TV Cafe. Sark's, ongoing series on the 007 films is always impressive-- Classic Film and TV Cafe

Eve, is one of my favorite writers. Her post on Father of the Bride gives so much info. on what was happening in the film industry at the time the film was made-- The Lady Eve’s Reel Life


  1. Thank you for having me. :) I had so much fun combing trough the classic movie blogs. I think I will add a favorite post of the week to my "This week on N and C F", post.

  2. Ah--so you caught the link bug too then Dawn? I have to say it hasn't been easy not doing them for even this long! The rest has been nice though. You did a marvelous job. Thanks so much for joining in.

  3. Dawn,
    Thanks for the blog love! Sorry I am late to the party once again. : (