Apr 19, 2011

Guest Classic Links: Kate Gabrielle of Scathingly Brilliant

Kate was one of the first classic film bloggers I ever followed, via her blog Silents and Talkies. She now pours much of her blogging energy into Scathingly Brilliant, a more personal blog in which she shares a new outfit every day, among other interests (she needs one of those big movie star dressing rooms for all those gorgeous dresses!) Kate is also a talented artist. She has drawn and painted classic movie stars, humorous takes on famous art and perhaps her best-known creations, the sassy, stylish flappers Ramona and Eloise. She also posts gorgeous, high-quality photos of classic stars on Classic Film Scans. One of her scans was even featured in a Fast Company post about Elizabeth Taylor. As if that isn't enough, she writes Dirk Bogarde tribute blog and contributes to the style blog Spiffy. Thanks for being a guest linker Kate!

I love this fantastic review of one of my favorite movies, Private Lives (1931) by Jenny at Cinema OCD

Matthew from Movietone News is currently moving, so his blog is on a tiny hiatus, but I highly recommend digging into his archives -- one of my favorites is this post on those fantastic all-star WWII morale movies-- Movietone News

Millie from ClassicForever is the Patron Saint of under-appreciated actors, and continues to work her magic with this birthday salute to Bradford Dillman-- Classic Forever

I adore this classic-film entrenched creative writing assignment Meredith did at Or Maybe Eisenstein Should Just Relax, a fictional obituary for a life she would have loved to lead-- Or Maybe Eisenstein Should Just Relax

The Dirk Bogarde estate has released a set of postcards with images of the British actor's illustrations and paintings-- Dirk Bogarde Official Site

Deb from Sidewalk Crossings does the impossible, and convinces me to put aside my dislike of westerns for a while with her excellent review of the 1959 movie Warlock-- Sidewalk Crossings

I really like this youtube video featuring some fabulous outfits from 30's and 40's movies!-- YouTube

Angela Lansbury, Barbara Rush and Nancy & Tina Sinatra are among the latest additions to the star-studded TCM Film Festival-- TCM


  1. thanks for the mention! appreciate it. :)

  2. I love these Kate--thanks for guest posting! I have a huge urge to see that epic fight scene from Private Lives now.