Apr 25, 2011

Guest Classic Links: Monty of All Good Things

Monty has a flair for dreaming up entertaining themes and events for his blog All Good Things. His classic actress version of March Madness was full of surprises and his Be My Guest series (in which I was honored to play a part) introduced me to some mighty fine bloggers. I can’t think of anyone who has more affection for the actresses of classic Hollywood, and he has recently started to give some props to the gentlemen as well. Thanks for being a guest linker Monty!

My new friend Emily has one of the best new and freshest blogs out there. Check out her recent post about the upcoming summer season swimwear choices as modeled by several classic movie actresses. I told her she had me at the first picture with Anne Baxter. The Silver Screen Affair

I came across this blog a few months ago after watching a Marie McDonald film recently. I wanted to know more about this actress and blog writer Elizabeth Ann more than fulfilled that need. Her blog is a lovely tribute to this underrated actress. Marie McDonald - The Body

The wonderful blog True Classics is done by three girls named Brandi, Carrie, and Nikki, and they do a fantastic job, week in and week out. True Classics

Check out About.Com's writer Laurie Boeder, who does a fantastic job writing about classic movies. Here's her list of films for every member of your family. About.com

Take a trip back to the 60's with this wonderful site dedicated to all those beloved classic tv shows of that decade. It has tons of links to other topics of the 60's including The Beatles, commercials, sci-fi, posters, and super-heroes. It's awesome. Time Warp Memories

And finally here is a very nice video tribute to Vivien Leigh done by basilnelson. YouTube


  1. Monty--sorry for the late thanks. I knew that you would do an amazing job with the links. Thanks so much for being my guest!