Apr 21, 2011

Guest Classic Links: Page of My Love of Old Hollywood

Page has a large collection of classic movie star autographs, and she has used them as the starting point for an enormously entertaining blog. Her star profiles always shed a little more light on the actors I thought I already knew so well and I look forward to her amusing screen shot movie reviews (they look like so much work!) and themed photo galleries. It’s hard to believe Page has only been blogging for six months, because she hit the ground running and found her style quickly. This is my favorite new blog of the past year by far. Thanks for being a guest linker Page!

An in-depth interview with child actor Christopher Nolan on his experience working with Hitchcock and his co-stars of The Man Who Knew Too Much by SamR at The Short Knight Hitchcock Blog

Part 1 of a really fun and detailed look back at Gangsters in Classic Cinema by Becky at Classic Becky's Brain Food

A well-written site that re-visits the homes we have all fallen in love with, at times as much as the films that showcase them. It was hard to choose just one write up but heres Julia's look back at the home from Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House with great photos at Hooked on Houses

A site that I can get lost at for hours, looking at the beautifully detailed colorizations of our favorite Classic stars. Todays photo is of the fabulous Bette Davis by Claros at Claroscureaux

If you love the costumes used in Classic films and you've wondered what happened to them. this is the site for you! An incredible display of costumes from some of Hollywood's biggest films with fantastic photos by an avid collector. You'll surely enjoy this bloggers latest costume worn by Douglas Fairbanks in The Private Life of Don Juan at The Vintage Film Costume Collector

If you're in the mood for a great movie review heres a well thought out one on Roberta from Classicfilmboy


  1. These are some great picks. I have to agree with your favorite new blogger, Page from, My Love of Old Hollywood.

  2. KC, you made a great choice with Page's blog. Her work is inventive and so enjoyable. She picked some wonderful posts to highlight (no self-promotion intended!) I've actually seen all of the posts but one, and I'm going to look at that one for sure.

  3. My fellow bloggers up early writing such nice things! Ha Ha I appreciated that.

    Working to get Nolan's interview info changed since I incorrectly stated Strangers when it is The Man Who Knew Too Much. To error is human, to admit to it is divine (well okay, it should be.)

    Thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to guest post while you get some much deserved rest. I'm blushing over your very kind words.

  4. I'm enjoying all the guest bloggers this week!

    Love the link above to Hooked on Houses -- I'm bookmarking that one!

    Best wishes,

  5. Thanks for the great mix of links Page. I'm looking forward to checking out some of the blogs here that are new to me.

    I'm glad you all are enjoying the guest posts as much as I am!