May 31, 2011

Classic Links

I’m back! Did you like the haikus? They may not be art, but I sure had fun writing them. I have missed doing the links—why don’t I just get right back to it?

Though it doesn’t quite work, I would recommend Track of the Cat (1954) with Robert Mitchum to just about any classic movie fan. If anything, it is interesting because the setting was made as colorless as possible so that it would appear to be a black and white movie made with color film. This review pretty much sums up my feelings about the flick— Mondo 70

What inspired this guy to make an 8x5 foot portrait of James Dean out of dice and then change the image to Marilyn Monroe? It looks amazing. Maybe that is reason enough.-- YouTube (via )

Supposedly there is a rare Charlie Chaplin film being auctioned --another man claims to have found several rare photos of Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield . Both the film and photos were purchased for very little money. Whether or not these finds are legit they do have me wondering how many other movie-related treasures are yet to be found.

I’m looking forward to seeing this documentary about Jack Cardiff, the legendary cinematographer of gorgeous Technicolor flicks such as The Red Shoes-- NPR

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