Jun 10, 2011

Classic Links

This is a beautifully written essay about the 1964 yakuza flick Pale Flower. I particularly like the comparisons she drew with Odds Against Tomorrow (1959)-- Movie Morlocks/TCM

There has been speculation over the relationship between Cary Grant and Randolph Scott. I like the way this post doesn’t necessarily scold people for being curious, but also leaves the answers to those involved-- Garbo Laughs

Pics of gorgeous people in tuxs, including the two people who wore them best: Cary Grant and Marlene Dietrich-- She Blogged By Night

Oh Skidoo (1968), you are a lovely, acid-soaked, Groucho-lovin’ mess. I’m so glad this is now on DVD-- Acidemic

This isn't classic movie related, but I can't ignore this amazing post on the talented and elegant French yeye singer Francoise Hardy. If you don’t know her, this is a great introduction-- Classic Forever

Greg gives a fine lesson in film ratios. It’s important to understand this, because it does have a huge effect on how a movie appears and thus affects us-- Cinema Styles

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