Jul 1, 2011

Classic Links

Why is this post about Michael Caine in glasses so mesmerizing?— Classic Forever

Another movie memorabilia auction, this time for Elizabeth Taylor. Fortunately it is a slightly happier event, as the proceeds will fund the cause that was so dear to her-- The Guardian

RIP child star Edith Fellows, 88. It sounds like she had a pretty dramatic life away from the cameras as well-- IMDB

This is an interesting post about Marlon Brando’s son and Errol Flynn’s grandson (he looks like him—right down to the little mustache!)-- Via Margutta 51

Another poster event at Where Danger Lives. This time it’s the 50 greatest classic sci-fi posters. I think I may like sci-fi movie posters more than I like sci-fi movies (I’m not sure about that)-- Where Danger Lives


  1. Thanks for the link KC - I like the posters better as well!

  2. I'm really looking forward to this series Mark. The last one was fantastic. Do you think we like the posters better because they always seem to advertise a crazier, sexier movie?