Jul 6, 2011

Classic Links

I’m still unable to respond to comments. It also looks like I can make comments on some Blogger blogs, but not all of them. It’s going to take me some time to figure this out. I do read and love your comments, but I’m going to be mute for just a while longer. Please do come say hello on Twitter if you want to have a chat: @classicmovieblg.

RIP Anna Massey-- The Guardian

This is a gorgeous tribute to the Cocoanut Grove— The Silver Screen Affair

Marlon Brando and his custom made conga drum. Really?-- NPR

More Brando in Elizabeth Taylor’s personal pics. What a goof-- The Guardian

Katharine Hepburn had her own face scrub recipe. I’ve got to try this-- Comet Over Hollywood

Marlene Dietrich’s ABCs have always intrigued me—and sometimes given me the giggles— Sunset Gun

New scores for Hitchcock’s silent flicks-- IMDB


  1. Hey KC, thanks for the shout out! Every time I come to your blog I want to watch A Trip To The Moon. Keep up the good work!

    Emily (theSILVERscreenAFFAIR)

  2. I loved learning more about the Grove Emily--and those were gorgeous pics. It's a good thing A Trip To The Moon is only 10 minutes!