Jul 18, 2011

Classic Links

RIP Googie Withers. I found her most devastating in the scene from Night and The City (1950), where a smear of ink changed her whole life-- IMDB

I knew Cary Grant would beat the buns off the competition in Monty’s classic actor tournament, but it was great ride-- All Good Things

Sheila presents a perfect example of how James Cagney used observation and instinct to create amazing performances-- The Sheila Variations

This is an interesting tribute to Margaret Lockwood which focuses on her performance in The Lady Vanishes (1938)-- A Shroud of Thoughts

Normally I’m very uptight whenever anyone dares to even speculate about recasting my favorite classics, but the bloggers of the LAMB did a fine job with All About Eve (1950). There are a lot of choices here-- LAMB

I’ve been enjoying the amusing tidbits in this classic Hollywood gossip blog-- Bertram Potts, Mortimer Brewster and Other People of Great Importance

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