Jul 20, 2011

Classic Links

This is a great post about movies set on cruise ships-- Noir and Chick Flicks

Here’s a great opportunity to get an appraisal of your classic movie collectables— Immortal Ephemera

Victor Sjöström’s the Phantom Carriage (1921) Silent Volume

I like to think I angle my blog towards an international audience, but this post has me wondering how successful I’ve been.-- Movietone News

This statue is so disrespectful. How sad-- IMDB


  1. Aside from its tastelessness, I thought the single strangest thing about the statue of Marilyn Monroe is that it's in Chicago. I associate her with Hollywood, or New York where the iconic scene was filmed, and while I'm sure she has as many fans in Chicago as anywhere, it seems awfully random.

    I mean, put a statue of Babe Ruth in St. Louis while you're at it ...

  2. I dont get the location either, but i will admit to also taking "juvenille" pics under the victory kiss statue in san diego, although not as extreme as the author said was happening there.

    Props to her for still causing controvery posthumously, and that artist is getting publicity, which I imagine was the goal. Any publicity is good publicity, right?

    (PS love your site!)

  3. The location didn't strike me as unusual. Monroe is a global icon and that scene is pretty far removed from the movie by now. I was just disappointed to see the poor woman made a sex joke yet again. I suppose I should get over it, because it's going to keep happening! It is definitely going to make the artist famous. That woman is making a lot of people rich from beyond the grave.