Jul 25, 2011

Classic Links

This is a fascinating, melancholy story about Alma Rubens and the addictions that haunted her-- Immortal Ephemera

Another downbeat, but interesting post. It's about the demise of Carole Landis, with a fascinating personal twist-- Comet Over Hollywood

Walt Disney’s house was beautiful! It looked like one of the fairy tales he brought to the screen-- Dear Old Hollywood

RIP Linda Christian-- Alt Film Guide

Sign of the Cross (1932) was one of the most lurid and lively pre-codes.-- Acidemic


  1. Thanks for including my Alma Rubens article!

    Wow, what a depressing links day, thank goodness for Disney to bring a little light into it.

  2. I thought it was interesting that your post happened to coincide with the sad news about Amy Winehouse. They had such similar struggles.

    I did think twice about having three downers in the links, but I figured posting something else would go against my policy of sharing the things that really grabbed me. I was actually not fully aware of that policy until I did this post!

  3. KC, obviously that news was a bit in my face, but I chose not to make the connection anywhere in the post because I probably know more about you than I do her! Or maybe it's a tie because I've never heard either of you sing :) My pop culture expertise takes a nosedive after about 1990.

  4. I'm glad you didn't make the connection in the post. It would have been too jarring a contrast, despite the similarities in their stories. Oh man, you are lucky to have never heard me sing. Ms. Winehouse had a singular voice and sort of a Billie Holiday vibe with a bit of soul. She was mostly retro, but with a modern edge. I think she was brilliant. Huge loss.