Aug 31, 2011

Classic Links

Here’s the promotional photo for Doris Day’s new album, and a little more about how the tracks were brought out from storage-- Alt Film Guide

I didn’t know Walt Disney had a tragedy like this in his life. This is such a sad story— Mental Floss

The Spy in Black (1939) an early Michael Powell thriller-- The Movie Projector

Bela Lugosi’s former castle has been sold. I didn’t even know he had a castle, but it’s appropriate-- IMDB


  1. There's a Doris Day article in this month's Classic Images.

  2. Doris Day looks great! :)

    Have a good September, KC!

    Best wishes,

  3. Thanks for the tip Nick. Are you the same Nick Thomas who writes for Classic Images? ;-)

    Thank you Laura. It's going to be a crazy, but great month. I'm not a bit surprised that Doris Day looks so fantastic. She's got a fantastic attitude and that makes her beautiful!